Very Easy Apple and Cinammon Gin recipie - perfect for a yummy Christmas Gift!


This Christmans, I've needed to keep the cost down a little bit (moving country is expensive you know!) So I cooked up this really easy Christmas spiced gin! It's really easy, and the result was delish so I will be experimenting with different flavours in the future. I decided to make a lot of my gifts this year, but this one was my fave, and as everyone in my family is over 18, it went down really well on Christmas day. 
I also made a sugar scrub, which I found the recipie for here. Funnily, I recieved a sugar scrub from my parents, bought from someone who handmakes and sells them. So it was an exchange of scrubs! I hope you all had (or will have) a great Christmas, and if you're stuck for gift ideas, try this really easy Gin!

To make Christmas Spiced Gin you will need
- 1 litre of Gin
- 6 Apples (Sliced) 
- 4 Cinnamon Sticks 
- 1 star Anise 
- A sprinkle of red peppercorns
- 2 bowls of Sugar (I actually used one bowl, but it was a little sharp... I reccomend adjusting the level of sugar to your taste). 
For the decanting:
- 4 or 5 recycled jam jars / bottles 
- brown paper labels and masking tape
1. Put all of the flavouring ingredients in a large sealable jar or bowl. 
2. Pour the gin over the flavourings and seal the jug.  
3. Leave for 3 days or more.

4. When the flavours have infused, decant your gin into your recycled bottles or jars, and decorate with labels, tape, stickers... whatever you want! I completely covered the jars with sticky tape, and I really liked the effect.

My handmade labels

This was such an easy recipie, and such an economic gift. I also cant wait to try other flavours for myself later in the year. I hope you all had a great Christmas, and let me know how you get on infusing your own gin. 


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