Festive Jumper Season!


Hi lovely blog readers.... Sorry for the absence, but I had internet issues moving into a new place (cue future blog posts about our upcycled interior which I am super excited about!) PLUS we lost the camera lead to transfer our pictures, so I have resorted to the  iphone, but I digress....

It's December! Merry Christmas!!!   
I hate the cold, so my Festive jumper section is very extensive, and ALL thrifted from charity shops over the years.
 12月だよー!たくさん クリスマス セーター あります。ぜんぶ 古着ものです。

The knitwear section of my wardrobe is very dull right now...

Shall I introduce you?
セーターを紹介はじめます (笑)

 The Cute one. 可愛いものです
The one for positioning the poinsettia. 
The classy Christmas party one.

And the frankly ridiculous one, covered in pom-poms sequins and ribbons. ばかげた のねー??

Ever got the invite to a Christmas jumper party and not been able to decide what to wear? No? ... Just me???


Enjoy the winter days,

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