1930's dress - upcycle project


In my family, a dress has been passed down. It belonged to my great grandmother, and its a beautiful, made to measure, floor length lace gown, with a sash and waistcoat.... Well it was!
I took it out to wear for an occasion, and it had two MASSIVE moth holes!! So I couldn't wear it for the occasion (but I did find a great replacement, but thats a story for another blog post).
I didn't want to lose the dress completely, so I chopped off the bottom. Using the belt from the dress, I made some binding for the lower edge. I thought it might be okay as a crop top, but the fabric hung too heavy, so I attached some fringing. I did it all by hand, to protect the fabric, so it took aaaages, but I'm really happy with the result, and cant wait to style this up!
What do you think?? ~ Rhio

 お母さんの古着ワンペース、1930年から、だた。壊れた そして、手ぬい によって しゅふくでした。くロップトップだけ悪く見ましたけど フリンジに縫い付けでした。好きですか??
日本語どうですか?(笑)~ Rhio
Close up of the lace detailing

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