Little Blue Dress


I went to Nara and chose this blue dress for wondering the city. Whilst there, we found an abandoned shopping street. There is so much abandonment and decay in Japan, and you can find it in even the most popular cities.
It was a fitting place for a quick shoot.
I found this dress in a vintage shop on Holloway Road, London. The oversized collar really makes me think of those victorian dolls with china faces. I've worn this dress in two countries. The vibe is totally different in each. In London, this dress has that edgy, vintage feel that people pull out for coffee shops; in Japan, people think I'm actually a doll.. I think I prefer that.

奈良へこの青いワンピースを着て行った。奈良で、古い 商店街 みつかった。日本 に 放棄と崩壊がいっぱいあるんで。


このワンピースをロンドンのホロウェー町買ったです。とくだいのえり は じきな顔の人形を思い出します。

二つ国でこのワンピース着ましたし、ロンドンでかっこいいのワンピース で、喫茶店のためにし、日本で私のように人形です。人形のようにより、の方が好きです。

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  1. Gosh this setting looks so eerie! It is great for a photoshoot though, and that dress looks lovely on you!

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. Thanks Lizzie :)
      still loving your blog .... looks like we are both late at repyling to comments hehe
      xx Rhio