Dressing for the cold is so challenging. Keeping warm, at the same time as standing out from the crowd (for the right reasons) is a daily struggle right now. I forgot how long English winter was, and how everyone reverts to the uninspiring uniform of skinny jeans, a black coat and an oversized scarf. I found some of this-season's  ankle-baring jeans in oxfam, super on trend, but it's so cold at the moment, I had to pair them with Doc's for warmth, I literally will not sacrifice snuggly for stylish!! Saying that, the lace front top (originally H&M) was a little cold.... 

Sports jacket - Vintage Adidas
Lace front Top - Originally H&M
Jeans - Originally Primark
All found in charity shops
Boots - My Mum's old Doc Martens

Hope you had a great weekend, 

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