Leo's most talked about Oscars speech. Ever.


I'm sure you've seen Leo at the Oscars by now. It's all over the internet. 

I commend him for bringing climate change back into the public eye. Celebrities should use their positions of respect to address issues that concern them. And the environment is something that literally concerns everyone. 
Regarding the climate and environment, and the problems the planet and the human race will face in the near future, politicians and corporations have the most power to act. Despite the government supposedly being for the people, often their actions and policies are dictated by corporate funding and sponsorship. Climate change campaigners are often speaking on a platform that only reaches the ears of a very select audience, ie. politicians, and other campaigners. Whilst these people can be influential, sadly, so far, often they are not. 
Leo is respected in the art and fashion world, in the world of film and pop culture, and has global appreciation. Even if people watching his speech still wont change a thing, at least they are aware, at least they are talking about their impact on our environment.
If you become vegetarian to reduce your food miles, if you recycle and take reusable bags to the supermarket, if you stop buying new products to reduce the demand, if you use a bike not a car, you will help the world last, just a little longer.   
An individual altering their actions will not change a thing. A lot of individuals altering just one thing, might. Corporations, politicians, other celebrities, they might just have to take notice too. 
Helping the environment no longer groups you into a hippie commune, where you grow your own food and shower once a month. Small things can make a difference. 
Mr DiCaprio, I want to say thank you. Thank you for asking people to stop ignoring climate change. Leo cares. So can you.

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