Happy New Year!


Even Vintage shops have new year sales! I picked up this quilted sweater with zip detail, and these RIDICULOUS cat eye sunglasses in Nagoya, after visiting my first shrine of the year! Turban and skirt are also second hand. 
はつもでのあと 名古屋のビンテージ店で このセータとめがねを買った。

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! こにちは みな。 あけまして おめでとう ごさいます!
My New Year`s resolution this year is a hard one, but hopefully I can stick to it... I resolved to buy nothing new, except that which is absolutely necessary. I will write more about my reasons later, but mostly, I wan`t to do my bit save the environment.
This might be the hardest resolution I`ve ever made, as I am a self confessed shopaholic, and devotee of fashion. I hope this blog will inspire me to stick to my guns, and become a documentation of how to look and live stylishly, but second hand. Please leave lots of love in the comments if you like what you read <3

今年 で、古い ふく だけ 買いたい。もっと 環境にやさしいこと に なりたい、だから。それは むすかしい だろう。 がんばります!今 日本 で すんでいます それと 英語も日本語で 書きましょ。
 好きの 読む ければ、コメントを書きましょうか? よろしくおねがいします。

P.S. I live in Japan, so I`m going to try and make my blog as bilingual where I can :)

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  1. Rhio, I love this resolution!
    I think I will follow suit. xx

  2. I have a guy on licence from prison who gets all his gear from charity shops and likes a bit of style - I've told him to open a men's recycled / second hand shop using the best stuff he's magpied, with an online presence - there's got to be a mark-up if your marketing is right! Reckon you should sell your debut blog outfit to a celeb like Madonna and donate some profit to charity....... Me, I'm wearing all of your brother's cast-offs......